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Simply Clever, Very Functional



The Cabinet Merchant has put together a very smart cabinets system for you to design with. With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have carefully selected the most functional cabinet modules that can be cleverly designed with increments of 50mm and an option to customize some cabinets to the exact size.  We here to help you so let us tell you more about this simply clever, simply functional smart cabinets system.


As you can see from the colourful kitchen image above we have broken up the cabinet's design for you to the following sections.

Purple for all Panels and Fillers, Yellow for all Over Head Cabinets, Red for Tall Cabinets, Blue for Above Bench Cabinets, and Green for Base Cabinets. See our list which is colour coded and the available cabinets options to choose from. Some times you may need a custom cabinet to complete your design. so we have thought about this as well and have provided you with 4 different cabinet options to be customized so your design can be millimeter perfect for an affordable price.


Need some design ideas? check out our new arrivals and see which design best suits you. 

You are able to download the plans and the list of cabinets associated with the design. 

Need our help? We offer a 1 hour free home consultation to help you design your dream kitchen.

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